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November 03, 2009


my fave is a snowman that i made in grade school.

I love a bone wreath oriment that has a photo of our 1st baby, Miller (black lab). May he RIP!!

The new olive juice martini

My fave are my angels, I have over 20 of them, my grandmother gives me one each year and has been doing this since I was about 11 years old.

Our family loves Disney...so probably Disney is way up there...but, my favorite are the ones that my kids made for me. Some are falling apart but the meaning is always there! VERY SPECIAL! I know may have a new favorite...the one on this page of my "delicious" Evie!!!

Baby's First from my first baby :)

my new favorite ornament has to be the one you have posted with that adorable baby in beads :)

my favorite ornament is one that my son made me, it is a paper snowflake.

My fave is a crystal penguin from my Grandparents.

I have this old antique Santa that is in great shape that I love!

my fave are the snowmen you put over the lights to make them light up!

My favorite was a snow girl and snow boy snowmen ornaments my Mom gave my brother and I when I was 6. They hung together for years until we both moved out. Now my snow girl hangs on my tree at my home and his at his home. My snow girl always looks so lonely, but I love how she makes me remember back to my childhood!

My oldest child's first Christmas ornament. It has an opening inside and I wrote a letter to him on the back of santa wrapping paper and rolled it up and put it inside.

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