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January 09, 2010


How cute!!!!! Love this shot :)

AWWWW...my little kindergartener is about to lose his first tooth too!! So sad - they will look like big boys all to soon!!!

What a cutie!!!! My brother had double sets of some baby teeth - it is strange what our body will do!

My five year old wants to lose his teeth, but they aren't quite there yet! Cute shot!

he does have a infectious smile, how BEAUTIFUL!

Great smile! Can't wait to see it without a tooth :)

Aw, what a cute smile!

LOL I remember those days! Now we're ready fo some more to fall out.............

Great pics!

Oh what a milestone!

congrats to him! i bet he is excited about the tooth fairy :)

What a handsome little guy!!

cute boy!! love the smile!

Aw! He is too cute! Congrats on his first loose tooth!!

Luckily mine hasn't lost any teeth but two of her friends have lost their front teeth and they are only 4!

Isn't this a bittersweet age? My boys are just about to turn 6.... Your son is super cute!

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